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Melanie Lemay
AC4 Melanie Lemay render
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Abstergo Entertainment

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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Assassin's Creed: Rogue
Question the Creed

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Cristina Rosato

Melanie Lemay is the Chief Creative Officer of Abstergo Entertainment, a subsidiary of Abstergo Industries, the Sample 17 Project Supervisor, and a member of the Templar Order.


Sample 17 SupervisorEdit

AC4 Olivier Melanie

Melanie introducing the analyst to Olivier

On 29 October 2013, Melanie inducted a new employee into the company, and introduced them to the company's CCO, Olivier Garneau. Afterwards, Melanie showed the employee to their Animus station and left them to explore Edward Kenway's genetic memories.[1]

Not long after this, Olivier went missing while en-route to a shareholder's meeting with Laetitia England at Abstergo Industries, and Melanie was forced to assume control in his stead. Simultaneously, Melanie found herself dealing with a series of hacks across the company's servers, security systems, computers, and Animi. All the evidence seemed to suggest that the recently inducted employee was responsible.[1]

Eventually, the hacks escalated to such a level of severity, that Melanie was forced to isolate several members of the Sample 17 team in the Bunker, a basement level of the Montreal facility, that would allow the researchers to continue their work without compromising the rest of the facility.[1]

Eventually, the decision was made to detain the suspected hacker, and Melanie, escorted by armed security, made her way to the analyst's room. Inside, they saw John Standish from IT trying to poison their suspect, but he was shot and killed during the attempt.[1]

Melanie later apologized for suspecting the analyst, reasoning that John had been solely responsible for the hacks all along. She then rewarded the analyst with a sneak-peek of the trailer for the company's latest product, the Pirates of Nightmares.[1]

Abstergo Entertainment CCOEdit

After the disappearance of Olivier Garneau, Melanie took over as Chief Creative Officer of Abstergo Entertainment office in Montreal, and was inducted into the Templar Order. In 2014, a research analyst triggered a virus embedded in the memories of Shay Cormac stored in the Helix, causing the entire facility to become compromised. In response, Melanie ordered an evacuation of the building, leaving Violet da Costa and Juhani Otso Berg in charge of restoring the systems and security.[2]

Melanie later called the research analyst to her office, telling them of Olivier's disappearance, and granting the analyst necessary security clearance to continue exploring Shay's genetic memories.[2]

After the research analyst finished analyzing Cormac's memories, Melanie and Violet were present when Berg gave the analyst a choice of joining the Templar Order or being killed.[2]

Personality and characteristicsEdit

A fair, cheerful and amiable woman, Melanie was quite good-natured and genuinely cared for those working under her. She argued several times with Olivier Garneau about the pressure that Abstergo Industries had put on them, and their high priority in locating the Observatory. Following Garneau's disappearance, Melanie was reluctant to use the full extent of her powers to isolate the Project team, noting that although she had the contractual right to detain them indefinitely, she would rather not.[1]

She often became genuinely concerned when any of her employees were subjected to harm or duress, as demonstrated when the newly recruited research analyst ran into trouble in several instances.[1]

However, she seemed to become less compassionate after joining the Templar Order, and seemed to have no qualms in letting Berg kill the research analyst if they refused to join the Templar Order. Nonetheless, she actively encouraged the research analyst to join the Order, believing that the Order would promise them a better life.


  • She referenced being married in the database article for The Queen's Staircase, saying that she saw them during her honeymoon in Nassau.
    • However, in a conversation recovered from Abstergo's servers, Melanie mentioned needing only one plane ticket in order to attend Alan Rikkin's party "unless something exciting happens", implying that she was single.
  • Melanie had a great-great-grandfather who fought in the American Civil War; he was noted to have met President Abraham Lincoln a few times.
  • Her name was spelled "Mélanie" in Question the Creed.
  • The name Melanie, as well as its French variant Mélanie, is derived from the Greek μελαινα (melaina), meaning "black, dark".



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