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"The first Medjay was the protector of the pharaoh. But now, it means we must protect all the people of Egypt. Not just protect them, but work for their well-being."
―the Medjay Bayek to his son Khemu[src]
ACO Medjay badge

Bayek showing his Medjay badge

The Medjay , also known as the Medjai, Mazoi, Madjai, Mejay and Egyptian mDA.y was an elite Egyptian military unit who acted as the ultimate sworn guardians of the Pharaoh and the nation. More than just a police force, at their peak, they were highly esteemed, perceived as the very symbol of true honor, courage, and duty. For this reason, their badge was the Eye of Horus, an emblem representing the protection of the Egyptian people.[1]


The Medjay were originally established during the Old Kingdom period of Egypt.[1]

By the time of the Ptolemaic dynasty, the role had faded away, with Bayek being the one of the last Medjay and acting as a sheriff of sorts for his community.[1] Despite police duties being taken over by the phylakitai, Egyptians still recognise the symbol of the Medjay, hailing Bayek as a "protector".

Cleopatra appealed to Bayek's sense of duty by making him "Egypt's Medjay", granting him a golden badge to replace his original leather badge. Bayek's closest friend, Hepzefa, was also noted as a Medjay in Siwa. After Hepzefa's death, Bayek was truly the last of the Medjay, a title he cast away as he became the first of the Hidden Ones.


  • The Medjay symbol was the all-seeing Eye of Horus. Bayek had a golden tablet with the Eye that he used as a badge.
    • Horus is the son of Osiris and Aset (Isis), protectors of the pharaohs in Egyptian myth.



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