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"What am I doing? Giving a woman a KNIFE as a gift? It's so stupid."
―Norris to Connor over giving Myriam a knife for a present.[src]


Maurice, typically known as Norris, was a miner hailing from Montréal, who resided within the Davenport Homestead during the American Revolutionary War.


Meeting ConnorEdit

While visiting Boston, the Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton, commonly known as Connor, rescued Norris from drunken guards who intended to beat him up. When Norris mentioned that he came to the city looking for work, Connor told him of a mine on the Homestead, and asked if he fancied setting up his efforts there.

Norris agreed to this offer and provided the Homestead with ore, which could later be sold or crafted into weapons and various other items with the cooperation of David Walston, in order to raise income.

Life on the HomesteadEdit

In addition to his work in the mine, Norris also assisted Connor with the search for a parcel containing the Assassin robes of Achilles Davenport by detonating an explosive in the rock wall of the cavern that housed the robes.


After some time on the Homestead, Norris confessed to Connor that he had romantic feelings for the huntress, Myriam. With the aid of the Assassin, Norris attempted to make Myriam aware of his affections. He initially faltered in his confidence and failed in attempts to gain her attention with gifts. However, after gathering the necessary ore and having it crafted by David, he presented her with a new hunting knife, which saved her life when she was attacked by a poacher.

Following that event, Norris and Myriam began a relationship that resulted in marriage some time later.


  • Both Norris and Myriam were illiterate, as shown when they required Dr. Lyle White's assistance to read a letter regarding Norris' mined goods. The letter said that the iron Norris had smelted was the best the writer had ever seen.
  • Norris revealed to Connor that he changed his name from Maurice after speaking with a woman in a pub who could not pronounce his real name correctly.



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