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The Marquis de Pimôdan was a French aristocrat and a member of the Parisian Rite of the Templar Order.


As a known sympathizer of Élise de la Serre's claim on the leadership of the Order, his home, the Hôtel de Lauzun on the Île Saint-Louis, was chosen as the meeting place for the Templars summoned by Élise, in order for them to pledge their loyalties to her as the new Grand Master in October 1789.

Arriving at the gathering with the loyal Templar Jean Burnel, Élise felt a sense of uneasiness, and threatened de Pimôdan with her sword. She learned that her known sympathizers were either killed or had disapeared on the orders of François-Thomas Germain, the self-proclaimed Grand Master of an extremist faction within the Templar Order.

Understanding that it was an attempted purge of the conservative faction, Élise asked the frightened Marquis if there were killers waiting for her below. Remaining loyal to her, despite his fear of Germain's men, the Templar responded that he simply wanted her to see some Templar documents while affirmately nodding to her question, which prompted Élise and Burnel to flee. The Marquis' fate was unclear, but he was presumably killed for his warning to Elise.


  • The Marquis de Pimôdan was the real life owner of the Hôtel de Lauzun during the French Revolution.


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