Marianne was a young woman who lived in Paris during the French Revolution.


Marianne lost her parents to the guillotine after they were denounced by their neighbor, who subsequently took possession of their residence. Robbed of her childhood home, she began to practice swordfighting with the intent of taking back her parents' house by force. During one of her training sessions, the French Assassin Arno Dorian happened upon Marianne.

Marianne explained her intentions to Arno, saying she had grieved enough, and asked him to teach her. The Assassin agreed and after a short training session, the pair set off towards Marianne's former home. Together, they rid the house of extremists, allowing Marianne to reclaim valuable mementos of the family she lost.


  • It is rather ironic that the backstory of Marianne casts the French Revolution in a negative light, when the allegorical Marianne is considered one of the revolution's most recognizable symbols, representing Liberty and Reason, as well the triump of the French Republic over its enemies.