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"Crawford Starrick sends his regards..."
―Marchant, while putting a dagger into Cavanagh's armpit, 1862.[src]

Marchant was a British Templar working for Cavanagh and the manager on the construction site of the Londonian underground railway in 1862.

He was present when the body of their associate, Robert Waugh, was discovered in the trench and rushed to warn Cavanagh. He was later given the responsability of training Jayadeep Mir, who was undercover and trying to infiltrate the Templars, as an accountant for the railway and as an henchman for the Templars.

He acted as the assistant and confidant of Cavanagh and as such was well aware of his master's plans to overthrown the Templars' Grand Master, Crawford Starrick, by using an artifact buried somewhere under the railway construction site. However, after Cavanagh recovered the Apple of Eden and while he was fighting against Ethan Frye and Mir, Marchant killed him under the orders of Starrick, fleeing with the artifact in order to give it to his true master.


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