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PL Truth SeekerHQ I wanted to ask you something. Which is… what's your name?

The title of this article is conjecture. Although canon, no official name for the subject of this article has been given.

Ratonhnhaké:ton: "How does the British Command know about the Belladonna?"
Captain: "British Command knows nothing of this [...] We were led here by a Patriot. Nicholas Biddle."
―The captain being interrogated by Ratonhnhaké:ton, 1776.[src]
ACIII-Frenchinvolvement 6

The captain's final moments

An unidentified Man O' War captain (unknown – 1776) was a member of the Royal Navy and the Templar Order during the American Revolutionary War. He was contacted by fellow Templar Nicholas Biddle to attack the French ship La Belladonna in an attempt to show the Continental Navy's weakness.

Despite managing to disable La Belladonna, the captain was beaten in naval combat by the Aquila, an Assassin flagship captained by Ratonhnhaké:ton. His Man O' War was subsequently boarded, with the captain being dealt a fatal blow by the Assassin's tomahawk. As he lay dying, he revealed how he knew of La Belladonna, with his allegiance being confirmed by the Templar ring on his finger.


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