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Magdalena Suarez was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood during the Renaissance.


Born during the Renaissance, Magdalena Suarez was a young and well-known seamstress from Toledo who became a dedicated Assassin. She was renowned for her bright personality and charm, and was close friend of Bartolomé the Blacksmith, who hailed from the same district of Toledo as she did.

One night, she was cornered by drunk Inquisition soldiers looking for a good time. Before they could act, she was rescued by the mysterious Assassin Maria, who was in town to handle a mission for the Brotherhood.

After seeing the incredible Assassin in action, Magdalena begged Maria to train her, her only desire being to also protect the helpless from the injustice the way Maria had done for her. Liking the girl's spirit, Maria invited her to join the Brotherhood, where Magdalena trained diligently, hoping to become Maria's equal.

Over time, she learned to adapt her nimble hands, feet and mind of a seasoned seamstress into a respected disciple of the Brotherhood.