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Madame John's Legacy
AC3L Madame John's Legacy
Political information

A house in the French Quarter of New Orleans.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Date constructed


Historical information


Madame John's Legacy is a house in New Orleans, built there after a fire destroyed much of the neighborhood.

Constructed in the older French colonial style, rather than the Spanish style that is predominantly found in the city, it is considered a historic landmark.


  • The house's name is derived from a short story by George Washington Cable, a writer that lived in New Orleans. The tale is about a placée called Madame John, who inherits the estate of a wealthy Frenchman, due to him never having married.
  • In-game, Madame John's Legacy can be seen and visited as early as 1757, when Aveline is a child. In reality, the house wasn't built until 1788.
  • A gentleman carrying a jeweled brooch could be found on one of the house's balconies.


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