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ACCC DB Ma Yongchen

Ma Yongcheng

Ma Yongcheng (1468 – 1526), also known as The Butcher, was one of the Eight Tigers, a group of powerful Templar eunuchs that controlled the Chinese imperial court during the reign of the Ming dynasty Zhengde Emperor. The captured Assassins caught in an attempt to kill the Templars were executed by Yongcheng with the Ling Chi technique. He also played a role in the purge of the Chinese Assassins after the ascendance of the Jiajing Emperor.

In 1526, while the Assassin Shao Jun was captured by the Templars, Gao Feng, the ruler of the prison, threatened the Assassin to let Ma Yongcheng torture her in order to make her talk. When Jun escaped her cell, she took care of Feng while her Mentor, Wang Yangming, tracked down Ma Yongcheng and eliminated him.


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