M. Ratel's Merchants was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


Aveline came across a concerned citizen, who relayed their troubles of Monsieur Ratel.


Aveline met with the concerned citizen.

  • Citizen: Mademoiselle Aveline. Perhaps you have noticed the higher prices in the markets?
  • Aveline: A trick of the enemy, I presume?
  • Citizen: Indeed. An Extortionist by the name of Ratel. He intimidates the merchants and steals their profits. To compensate, they demand more for their goods – and they give less in trade.
  • Aveline: Time for an economic adjustment.
  • Citizen: Yes. Find him near the docks, and "adjust" him. We will all reap the reward.


Aveline assassinated the corrupt business rival and brought down his extortionate prices on the markets of New Orleans.


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