"You have just shown me why we should not be under one rule."
―Mōri Motonari.[src]
ACM Mori Motonari 3

Mōri Motonari

Mōri Motonari (16 April 1497 – 6 July 1571) was a daimyo in the Chūgoku region of Japan during the late 16th century.

A daimyo of what was a relatively small clan, Motonari used a cunning blend of tactics and force to expand his empire. Within a few years, he had eliminated several rival clans and ruled over the entire Chugoku province.

Motonari was also a vocal opponent of Nobunaga's attempt to unify all Japan, though he never had the strength to challenge Nobunaga directly. The Mōri clan was further weakened when Nobunaga arranged the assassination of Motonari's heir, Mōri Takamoto.

He was killed by the Assassin Hattori Hanzō in 1571.



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