ACS Lynch Fine Ornamentation

Lynch's Fine Ornamentation was a British woodworking business, located in London around the mid-nineteenth century.

The workshop focused mainly on the creation of fine furniture, catering for the wealthy upper class of London's citizens. Known for their use of only the best materials and upholstery, Lynch's Fine Ornamentation's products were highly sought after.

Under Victor Lynch's watchful eye, the business took to employing children for the labor and hiring the Blighters to protect and patrol the facility. Clara O'Dea, who fought for underprivileged children all around the city, asked her Assassin allies to stop child labor across the city, and Lynch's Fine Ornamentation was one of the businesses targeted.

Jacob and Evie Frye infiltrated the workshop, freed the children, and killed the overseer. In the chaos and uncertainty that followed, the Blighter thugs were either killed or driven off, and the Rooks moved in to take control.