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Lukas Zurburg

Lukas Zurburg (fl. 28 October 1322 – 1350) was a member of the German Brotherhood of Assassins. Born in Essen, Lukas was recruited into the Assassin Order at the age of sixteen after a group of Assassins saved him from a thief, who tried to rob Lukas while traveling.

Ten years later, the plague hit Essen, wiping out nearly half the town's population. Subsequently, a group called the Brothers of the Cross – a secret Templar organization – started traveling through Germany promising protection from the plague. Lukas suspected they were after the Ankh, an ancient artifact said to be located somewhere in central Europe.

In 1350, both the Brothers of the Cross and Lukas Zurbug mysteriously vanished. Lukas had two children with Martina Wagner: Christof Ison and Wolfgang Scholz.