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A projection of Lugos shown by the Ankh

Lugos was one of the founders of the Liberalis Circulum, a group of proto-Assassins active within Ancient Rome by 259 AD.


Mission to Egypt and death

Later on, Lugos traveled to Egypt to recover two Pieces of Eden, the Ankh and the Scepter of Aset, which had been found in a pyramid by Roman plunderers. However, while carrying the two artefacts aboard his ship back to Rome across the Mediterranean Sea, a terrible storm opened an enormous waterway within the ship, causing it to sink. Before his demise, Lugos recorded a message with the Ankh, detailing the ongoing events and lamenting the failure of his mission.[1]


Lugos was still remembered as one of the founders of the Roman Brotherhood in the mid-3rd century. By 259, the Ankh had somehow ended up in Germania, where it was found by the Alemanni Hidden One Accipiter, who passed it on to his cousin and fellow Hidden One Aquilus. Eventually, following Aquilus' death, the Ankh was hidden within an altar erected to his memory by his wife Valeria.[1]

In the early 13th century, the Scepter of Aset was recovered from the wreck of Lugos' ship by Italian fishermen, who subsequently sold the artifact for a very low price to an Egyptian merchant, who in turn sold it to the Egyptian Brotherhood of Assassins. However, in 1341, the artifact was lost when it was thrown in a well near Edfu by Ali Al-Ghraib, the Assassin apprentice of Numa Al'Khamsin, better known as "El Cakr". Ali intended to contact the Brotherhood and come back later, but died a few weeks later of food poisoning, from eating tainted meat. Although Leila, a member of the Egyptian Rite of the Templar Order, attempted to retrieve the artifact, she suffered a head injury, becoming amnesiac, and died nine months later from internal bleeding while giving birth to her and Numa's child.[2]



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