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Lucius (d. 259) was the father of Aquilus, a member of the Roman Brotherhood of Assassins operating in Lugdunum, and an ancestor of Desmond Miles.


Upon his son's return to Lugdunum in 259 after being tasked to retrieve the Ankh from his cousin Accipiter, Lucius was given the artifact for safekeeping. At the same day of Aquilus' arrival, Lucius was visited by his old friend Caïus Fulvus Vultur, a senator of the Roman Empire.

After offering Vultur a room in his villa to spend the night in, Lucius proceeded to explain the artifact's powers to his son. He informed Aquilus that it likely was the local bishop Faustinus who informed general Gracchus of the attempt on his life, resulting in Aquilus' failure to kill the general. As Aquilus left the villa to interrogate Faustin, Lucius was met by Vultur, and the two men entered into an argument. Unaware of Vultur's ties to the Templar Order, Lucius was killed by the senator, who proceeded to take the Ankh and mortally wound Lucius' servant Weke during his escape.