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AC3 Lucid Memory

Ratonhnhaké:ton standing by a lucid memory fragment

Lucid Memory Fragments were collectible items found in an alternate reality for Ratonhnhaké:ton created by the Apple of Eden.

Collecting memory fragments confirmed Ratonhnhaké:ton's suspicion that the events he was experiencing, in which George Washington was a tyrant king, were not a true reality.

Each fragment showed a particularly memorable event that Ratonhaké:ton participated in, from the visions he experienced as a young man, to the deaths of Haytham Kenway and Charles Lee years later. The final fragment, however, gave Ratonhaké:ton a fleeting glimpse into the future, foretelling the final moments in the life of one of his descendants, Desmond Miles.

Furthermore, collection of all fragments restored Ratonhnhaké:ton's memory of the event leading to the alternate timeline.

Memories experiencedEdit



New York City


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