ACU Louise Suzanne Le Peletier

Louise-Suzanne le Peletier

Louise-Suzanne le Peletier (1 March 1782 – 19 August 1829) was the daughter of the Templar and revolutionary politician Louis-Michel le Peletier.

On the evening of 20 January 1793, Louise-Suzanne accompanied her father to a party at the Palais-Royal in celebration of King Louis XVI's upcoming execution. The party was infiltrated by the Assassin Arno Dorian who had come to kill Louise-Suzanne's father.

Arno placed a bottle of wine tainted with lead sugar at the bar counter, which was drunk by Louis-Michel. Seeing him becoming ill, a worried Louise-Suzanne was told by her father to find her nurse and go home. As Louis-Michel went into a hallway, he was confronted by Arno. After thanking the Assassin for sparing his daughter the sight of his death, Louis-Michel was killed.

Following her father's assassination, Louise-Suzanne was officially named "Daughter of the Nation" by the grieving National Convention. In her later life, she became a passionate royalist, and spent much time and expense recovering and destroying the famous painting of her father by Jacques-Louis David. Louise-Suzanne died in 1829, aged 47.