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Louis XV (15 February 1710 – 10 May 1774), born Louis de France, duc d'Anjou, was the King of France from 1715 to his death.

His reign saw France enter the Seven Years' War, during which he was influenced and manipulated by the Assassin Order. Eventually, France lost the war, along with nearly all of its colonies in North America.[1]

Viewed by his subjects as a man of poor morals, Louis had several mistresses,[1] and at one point sexually assaulted a royal chambermaid. When she died during childbirth, Louis ordered the corpse dumped in a pit with commoners.[2] In 1757, Robert-François Damiens made a failed assassination attempt on Louis, and his accomplice Auguste Tavernier was eventually imprisoned in the Bastille.[3]

In 1774, Louis died and was succeded by his grandson, Louis XVI. With the French monarchy's reputation tarnished under Louis XV, Louis XVI took over a country whose problems had been covered up by his predecessor.[3]

After Louis XVI had been deposed during the French Revolution, he was executed at the Place de la Révolution. This had previously been known as the Place Louis XV, and contained an equestrian statue of Louis XV. However, this statue was torn down during the revolution.[3]


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