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Louis-Dominique Garthausen (1693 – unknown), better known as Cartouche, was a legendary French bandit, gang leader and womanizer, known to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Caught by the authorities, Cartouche was condemned to be broken on the wheel. During his execution in November 1721, however, the leader of the Assassins, as well as Cartouche's lover, Mireille, managed to fake his execution, making it appear as though Cartouche had been killed when in fact he had survived. Cartouche then joined the Brotherhood and wrote his story in a diary, which he later passed on to a younger Assassin, who became the new incarnation of the bandit Cartouche.

During the French Revolution, the third incarnation of Cartouche was an old Assassin, who asked for the assistance of Arno Dorian when the diary his predecessor had given him was stolen by Templars. After Arno retrieved the diary and brought it back to him, the Assassin considered the young man a potential candidate to be the fourth incarnation of Cartouche.


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