Lost files, as their name indicates, were documents that were scattered around the West Indies in glass bottles during the early 18th century, and eventually recovered by the pirate Alonzo Batilla.

While most of them provided a background on Alonzo's crew members and friends, some of them differed by displaying information on the current era.


Alonzo Batilla - The young wolfEdit

La Buse - The legendEdit

Samuel Bellamy - The leaderEdit

Jumao - The quartermasterEdit

Aaminah - The liberatorEdit

The Wide World - Inventions and progressEdit

Modern Texts - The essence of the timeEdit

Super Ships - The most powerful shipsEdit

The Wreck - La Buse's secretsEdit

Blackbeard - Bounty galoreEdit

Benjamin Hornigold - The pioneerEdit

Charles Vane - The wild manEdit

Christopher Condent - The ambitiousEdit

Exploration - Northern passageEdit

Thompson - The merchantEdit

Woodes Rogers - The hunterEdit



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