Locked in... to Die! was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob or Evie met with Arthur Conan Doyle and Henry Raymond in the the Strand, where they were presented with another murder case.


  • Henry: My write-up of that last crime was so ingenious that Purlock Publishing tossed me quite a tidy sum! I believe this next one will do even better!
  • Arthur: It's baffling. The room was locked! How did the murderer get in and out?

Jacob or Evie started their investigation.


Cashan's room

  • Mrs. Henman (Cashan): I'm just the housekeeper, but Mr. Cashan was a dear friend. Each morning I bring him his coffee. Today his door was locked shut. My husband is the caretaker, we live downstairs. We have the keys to all the apartments, so after knocking, I became concerned and let myself in, and found him like this!
  • Mrs. Henman (last night): The lights weren't working. My husband didn't want to waste any candles, so we retired early.
  • Mrs. Henman (concert program): Mr. Cashan is... was a respected music critic. A very accomplished man.
  • Mrs. Henman (Cashan): It's true! I loved him! He was the best thing that ever happened to me!

Bloomfield's room

  • Mrs. Bloomfield (Cashan): Mr. Cashan is dead? I just saw him yesterday! he looked in the peak of health. If you ask me, he paid a bit too much attention to the caretaker's wife. Scandalous, really. The must have seen each other nearly every day.
  • Mrs. Bloomfield (last night): Last night I was knitting in that chair. Then I felt a quite sickly and opened the window to clear my head. I certainly didn't hear anything.
  • Mrs. Bloomfield (candles): When the lights quit working yesterday, that sweet Mr. Golden handed out candles to everyone. He is such a nice man.
  • Mr. Bloomfield (Cashan): Gone just like that, eh? He lived right next door and often came home from his concerts a bit drunk and singing at the top of his lungs. Drove my wife near crazy.
  • Mr. Bloomfield (last night): I was down in the cellar, fiddling with my experiments.
  • Mr. Bloomfield (sheet music): That belongs to Mr. Golden. He's an awfully nice chap. We let him use our apartment during the day, when my wife and I are out, tending our shop. He likes to rehearse here, where the light's better.
  • Mr. Bloomfield (bon vivant): Cashan had an eye for the ladies, no question. I was a bit jealous of him, frankly.
  • Mr. Bloomfield (experiments): I'm an amateur chemist. Henman let me set up a few experiments in the cellar.
  • Mr. Bloomfield (chemical): Ah, yes. Be careful with that, it can be dangerous. It reacts badly with heat.

Golden's room

  • Golden (Cashan): I work very late, so did he. I only met him once or twice in the two years I've been living here!
  • Golden (last night): I was out giving a benefit recital for unemployed musicians. Several dozen people can attest to my whereabouts.
  • Golden (box of candles): I use them to create an ambience when I hold private recitals.

Henman's room

  • Mr. Henman (Cashan): Mr. Cashan's dead?! Difficult to believe - he led a quiet life. Out at concerts most nights, shut up in his room writing the rest of the time. He must have been a lonely man. My wife felt sorry for him and helped him as often as she could.
  • Mr. Henman (clothes): I'm in charge of the running and upkeep of the whole building. so I can get dirty now and then. I was just doing some work in the basement.
  • Mr. Henman (screwdriver): I forgot to put it away after I fixed Mr. Golden's music stand yesterday morning. I left it there and he came to give it back.
  • Mr. Henman (gasline): The gas quit working yesterday. I don't know enough to fix such things safely myself. A man from the company is going to come by tomorrow.


Cashan's room

  • Cashan's body - No sign of a struggle. No wounds.
  • Air vent - Air vent communicating with the neighboring apartment.
  • Anonymous letter - An anonymous letter written in a feminine hand: "My dearest Byron, I can't keep abreast of your innumerable affaires, but haven't you time for another little adventure with me? Cast aside your current paramour (much too working class for you) and join me in Florence, won't you?"
  • Candles - Yellowed candles that have burned down to the nub.
  • Door - Standard door with lock and hinges in normal state.
  • Gas lamp - Common lighting fixture. The light won't turn on.
  • Editor's letter - Letter from Cashan's editor: "Byron, you old rogue! Your evisceration of the Aldwych group was delicious! Our readers cannot get enough of your clever (and delightfully unkind!) reviews. All the ensembles in town live in fear. Keep up the good work!"
  • Concert program - For a chamber orchestra that performed a series of Mendelssohn pieces a few nights ago.
  • Review - Published review of a recent concert. "The latest effort by the Aldwych Chamber Orchestra must be counted as a fiasco. The woodwinds were discordant and cacophonous. Rather than playing Mendelssohn, the strings fought with him. In particular, the solo performed by the first violin was a disaster. This gentleman is better equipped to perform in the London sewers. I would advise anyone who has contemplated attending to instead remain quietly at home. - Byron Cashan"
  • Window - The window is shut, locked from the inside. No sign of a break-in.

Bloomfield's room

  • Candelabra - A candelabra of partially burned, white candles.
  • Key - Labeled "Basement."
  • Newspaper - Several articles. One about the queen's plans to use the storied Sceptre with the Dove to knight an industrialist. Another about the publishing business. A third concerning the Aldwych Chamber Orchestra which has disbanded for lack of funds. "A series of damning reviews by London's most influential critic has crushed all hope of attracting an audience."
  • Sheet music - Andante for Violin and piano in D minor by Felix Mendelssohn.
  • Air vent - Communicates with Cashan's flat.
  • Gas lamp - Common lighting fixture. The light won't turn on.

Golden's room

  • Box of candles - Box of white candles. Almost all are gone.
  • Clothing - Men's clothes. Very dirty with soot.
  • Shavings - White shavings on the floor. Appear to be wax.
  • Violin string box - Violin strings along with tools for precise trimming of the strings.
  • Sheet music - String Quartet No.6 in F Minor, op. 80. Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op. 64. Sonata for Violin and Piano in F minor, Op.4.
  • Gas lamp - Common lighting fixture. The light won't turn on.
  • Candle - A white candle used to light the room, comes from a box nearby.


  • Chemistry experiment - Beakers, funnels, a mortar and pestle and various chemical compounds.
  • Gas tank - A coal gas tank that supplies gas to all the rooms in the building. Covered in dirt and soot.
  • Chemical - A small beaker of a yellow fluid. Half full.

Henman's room

  • Key holder - Keys to all the apartments as well as to the basement.
  • Screwdriver - A standard screwdriver.
  • Candles - Unused white candles.
  • Gas lamp - Common lighting fixture. The light won't turn on.


David Golden was accused of the murder.

  • Golden: He destroyed an entire orchestra! All those musicians put out of work. A rancorous old man who had no talent or creativity of his own!
  • Arthur: I suspect there was more to that mystery than meets the eye! I'm going to look into it.



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