Live by the Creed, Die by the Creed was a virtual representation of one of Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Evie made her way to Lambeth Asylum in order to kill Jack the Ripper.


  • Evie: Back to the beginning, eh, Jack? My brother freed you from this madhouse and made you one of us... I can't risk being spotted or harming a single police constable.

Evie entered Lambeth Asylum.

  • Evie: Jack's trail of death continues...

Evie entered a room of full of murdered people.

  • Evie: More of Jack's games, there must be other messages for me.

Evie discovered a message left for her on the wall of the room.

  • Message: You will like your prize, but you must descend into the abyss to retrieve it.
  • Evie: In the basement...that is where Jack will spring his final trap.

Upon entering the asylum's basement, Evie heard coughing from a nearby cell.

  • Evie: Jacob?
  • Jack: Welcome to the reunion, Miss Frye!

Upon entering the asylum's undercroft, Evie was ambushed by Jack.

  • Jack: There is a sickness in this world, Miss Frye. It made our creed weak. But I am here now. I will tear into all sickness, all the rot and shit of this city and rip it out. We shall be pure again. The Assassins shall rise and we shall rule.

Evie attempted to face Jack in hand-to-hand combat.

  • Jack: Do you think you can kill me that way?
    Try something else perhaps?
    That's useless...
    Don't make me laugh.
    Is that intended to scare me?

Evie realized the futility of her efforts.

  • Evie: No use! I need to try a different approach!
    I'm getting nowhere...I should flee and try sneaking up on him.
    I can't overpower him! I need to get behind him...

Evie began to rely on stealth.

  • Jack: I lose patience with your child's play.
    Cowering in the shadows, Miss Frye?
    Jacob thought he could hide from me too...
    Hiding are we? Ha! I learned all your tricks from your brother, Assassin!
    This is my time now. Jacob's is done and you must choose...
    Are you cat or mouse, Miss Frye?
    The people must fear us, and you know it!
    I've seen you wield your tools of terror, you're just like me...
    Do you see the truth your brother did not? Are we not the same you and I?
    Mine is the face of the true Creed! Will you join me? Or must I rip out your vitals and send them to your beloved inspector?
    As cowardly and inept as your twin...
    Come out, Sister, join Jack...
    See, Jacob?! Your noble sister has come to die for you!
    Still think you can hide from me?

Evie stealthily took Jack down twice. Jack then temporarily retreated with the use of a fear bomb.

  • Evie: What?
  • Jack: Jack the Ripper cannot die! That woman thinks you're mad! Free yourselves! Kill that madwoman!

Jack called upon asylum inmates.

  • Evie: I know you blame Jacob for your mother's death, but nothing can excuse the horrors you've committed... Jacob was like a father to you, Jack... You have betrayed his trust, and sullied the Creed.
  • Jack: Show me your monster, Assassin. These lambs need slaughtering.
    You are weak, Assassin.
    ...a relic just like your precious Creed....
    Cower before the new face of the Assassins.
    My legend will live forever.
    You cannot kill the Ripper.
    I will haunt men through time...

Evie disarmed Jack and attacked him with his own dagger.

  • Evie: I am not a monster!
    You will not make a monster of me.

Evie fatally wounded Jack after a barrage of attacks.

  • Jack: We are the same you and I...
  • Evie: Oh, Jack... You were an Assassin, yes, but we are not the same. And that is why your memory must be erased for all time. Rest in peace now, Jack, you and your twisted acolytes.

Evie pulled Jack's body into Jacob's cell and went to comfort her brother.

  • Evie: Jacob.

Frederick Abberline entered the cell.

  • Abberline: Miss Frye, what the hell happened here?
  • Evie: Nothing, Inspector. Nothing happened here. Trust me, Jack the Ripper is dead.
  • Officer: Inspector!
  • Evie: Now help me, Frederick. No one must ever know that Jack the Ripper was an Assassin.
  • Officer: Inspector! The journalists are here.
  • Abberline: I want those vultures gone this instant, is that clear.
  • Evie: It's over, Jacob. I'm here.


Evie killed Jack and freed her brother. To protect the identity and credibility of the Assassin Order, Evie requested that Abberline keep Jack the Ripper's death and allegiance secret, which Abberline honored.