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A male lion in Egypt

The lion is a felid in the genus Panthera distinguished by the great manes of its males. It was historically endemic throughout Africa and the western half of Asia, favoring savannahs and grasslands but not deserts and dense forests.

During the Peloponnesian War in Greece, lions were hunted for their fangs valued at 40 drachmae.[1]

During the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt, lion claws were popular among commoners as pendants, valued at 35 drachmae each in the mid 1st century BCE.[2]


  • Due to their ferocity, lions were considered divine beings in ancient Egypt, and their attributes were born by multiple deities, especially the goddess of war, Sekhmet.[3]
  • Disciples of the Lioness was a bandit gang which worked around Sapi-Res Nome during mid-1st century BCE. They were accompanied by lions, and revered Sekhmet, the Lady of Slaughter.[4]