The Mad Doctor's Castle 11

Lewis Hutchinson aiming at an intruder

Lewis Hutchinson (1733 – 16 March 1773) was a Scottish doctor who migrated to Jamaica, where he built Edinburgh Castle and became the island's first recorded serial killer.


Lewis Hutchinson migrated from Scotland to Jamaica and bought a porch of land in 1768, on which he built a stone manor house called Edinburgh Castle. Hutchinson became a serial killer, killing people for sport, earning himself the nicknames "The Mad Master" and "The Mad Doctor" by 1770. The people of Jamaica avoided going near the manor, but the house was very close to the main road.

Hutchinson would shoot travellers from one of the manor's towers, take their belongings and have his slaves toss the bodies into a nearby sinkhole. Hutchinson invited guests into his house, only to later kill them as well.

The British Army arrested Hutchinson in 1773 for murder, and he was later hanged. Nobody knows how many people Hutchinson killed, but 43 watches were found inside Edinburgh Castle after his death.