Roth: "Ha! A bit of an odd fish, isn't he? Came to me a few years past."
Jacob: "He's very solemn."
Roth: "But always so polite! And he has many other talents."
—Jacob and Roth discussing Lewis, 1868.[src]


Lewis was the aide and ex-boyfriend[1] of Maxwell Roth.

Little is known of Lewis' early life and how he came to be in the employ of Roth. In 1868, he encountered Jacob Frye, whom Roth had invited to the Alhambra Music Hall for dinner, and directed the Assassin to the stage, where his boss waited.[2]

Later, after Roth fell out with Jacob, Lewis was sent to give the Assassin a box, which contained Roth's dead pet crow, and an invitation to the performance Roth was holding that night. Lewis also warned Jacob that Roth's displeasure would lead him to inflict suffering on many people.[2]


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