The Levesque family was a French merchant family that had existed since the Third Crusade.


The Levesque family had existed since the Third Crusade and had had ties to the Templar Order since then as well. By the time of the French Revolution, they had achieved a minor noble status and were represented by Marie Lévesque in the Parisian Rite of the Templar Order, who served as an advisor to Grand Master François de la Serre. To further her family connections and wealth, Marie married Thomas Lobit, but her father insisted that Lobin take the name of his wife; the Lobits, having recently become nobility and eager to further their own status, readily agreed. Marie was later part of the faction that rallied around François-Thomas Germain, and used her family connections and wealth to purchase large amounts of grain and hoard it beneath the Luxembourg Palace; this was meant to inflame the hatred against the royal family and further Germain's ambitions. Marie was later assassinated by Arno Dorian during a party she was holding in the Luxembourg Palace, likely rendering the Levesque family extinct in the direct line.


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