Lessons and Revelations was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


While his Mentor caught up with an old friend, Shay joined his fellow Assassins for a training session.


Achilles Davenport witnessed the arrival of Adéwalé.

  • Achilles: It has been a long time.

The two men embraced as a form of greeting.

  • Adéwalé: Achilles.
  • Achilles: Adéwalé! How go things in the West Indies?
  • Adéwalé: Very poorly, I'm afraid.
  • Achilles: Your countenance tells me we should discuss this. Come.

As the two men departed, Shay was joined by his friend Liam O'Brien.

  • Shay: Who's our visitor?
  • Liam: That's Adéwalé. He was a slave who freed himself and hundreds of his brothers in the West Indies. That man's a living incarnation of the Creed.
  • Shay: I see...
  • Liam: You join me for some practice.
  • Shay: Soon. I've got other business first.
Lessons and Revelations 1

Achilles welcoming Adéwalé

Shay approached Achilles and Adéwalé, who were embroiled in a conversation.

  • Chevalier: Aren't you supposed to be training?
    Making others wait for you, as usual?
    Are you still here? Find something to do or I will find it for you.

Shay decided to hide in nearby bushes and eavesdrop on the exchange.

  • Achilles: Tell me what happened, old friend.
  • Adéwalé: It was terrible, Achilles. The ground shook, and the ocean waves crashed over Port-au-Prince...
  • Achilles: How many were lost?
  • Adéwalé: Thousands. No family was left untouched.
  • Achilles: I hate to bring up practical matters at a time like this, but did Mackandal's man complete his task before the earthquake hit?
  • Adéwalé: I cannot know. Vendredi has not been found. He was a strong Maroon, one of Mackandal's best students.
  • Achilles: Such a shame. So we cannot know if he found the site.
  • Adéwalé: Indeed. But if there was a temple under the waves, I doubt it is still standing.
  • Achilles: And the artifacts that showed the way?
  • Adéwalé: Stolen. The Templars broke in during the chaos. They seized the Manuscript and Precursor box. I gave chase on the sea, but lost their trail when they reached New York.
  • Achilles: We must consider what to do next.
Lessons and Revelations 3

Shay entering the training area

Shay went to meet Liam and the others, coming across fellow Assassins along the way.

  • Assassin 1: Adéwalé looked worried earlier.
    I heard that Liam's waiting for you... Seen him yet?
  • Assassin 2: I hear Mistress Hope was looking for you.

Shay reached the training area.

  • Hope: You are late.
  • Shay: Hope! What did I miss?
  • Kesegowaase: Only the first hour of training.
  • Shay: We're always training, Kesegowaase!
  • Kesegowaase: And will continue to do so.
  • Hope: Do not waste your words. Shay abhors improvement as much as cats abhor leashes.
  • Shay: Hey!
  • Hope: A pity, the boy has so much potential... But so little discipline.
  • Shay: Alright, alright! What would you have me do?
  • Liam: Well played.

Shay trained under each of his tutors.

Lessons and Revelations 5

Shay discussing the training with Hope

Shay spoke to Hope.

  • Hope: It's about time you showed up.
  • Shay: Far be it from me to keep a lady waiting.
  • Hope: I'm no lady here, don't you forget it! I'm your teacher... and your better.
  • Shay: Well some of that is true, at least. What will we be doing?
  • Hope: Exploring a myriad ways to end a life. You two! Make yourselves useful and watch Shay.
    Can you kill without being noticed?

Hope assumed a position overlooking the clearing, giving Shay advice regarding various assassination methods.

  • Hope: Attack from around a corner and your target will never know what hit him.
    Ah, the classic haystack. Hide in it, then surprise your target when he gets close.
    Take the high ground, Shay. Dispatching from the air is most effective.
    Stay low and stick to the brush. Be patient and you might hit your target.

Shay executed each maneuver.

  • Hope: Top form, Shay.
    Nicely done. I am surprised.
    You certainly know how to handle yourself.

Shay completed Hope's lesson.

  • Hope: You did better than I expected.
    Have your skills actually grown, Shay? Oh, do not get a swelled head over it.
    Don't you have other business? No one appreciates it when you are late. And you are always late...
    Remember what I taught you. Be patient. Be silent. Never let them see you coming.
    I will meet you later, Shay. For dinner, perhaps?
    I would love to talk to you, Shay, but this is not the time.
    Better go now. The others will be waiting.
Lessons and Revelations 4

Liam lending Shay his pistols

Shay spoke to Liam.

  • Shay: So, what's the challenge today?
  • Liam: Shooting straight and true. Here, you can use these.
  • Shay: These are yours...
  • Liam: Well, I want you to have half a chance of succeeding. Go on.
    Shoot these targets. You can take your time... But not too much, we have more work after this.

Shay shot at the first two targets.

  • Liam: Reload!

Shay shot the final target.

  • Liam: Anyone can hit targets standing still. Let's see how you do on the run.

Shay ran along the path laid out for him, shooting targets as he did so.

  • Liam: Come on! Hurry up!
    You're almost there!

Shay finished the challenge.

  • Liam: Well done, Shay. Keep it up.
    You're doing alright, Shay. But don't let the others vex you, they mean well, though they'll never show it.
    That was good, Shay. We'll continue tomorrow...
    We'll talk later, Shay. Let's have a pint this evening.
    Don't let Chevalier get into your head. He'll come around...
    You better go on now...
Lessons and Revelations 6

Shay hunting with Kesegowaase

Shay spoke to Kesegowaase.

  • Kesegowaase: Shay. Follow me. It is time you learned to survive in the frontier.
  • Shay: I think I've been managing well enough so far.
  • Kesegowaase: Perhaps, but there is more I can teach you.

Kesegowaase and Shay freeran through the trees. Kesegowaase would express impatience if Shay did not keep up.

  • Kesegowaase: I am waiting...

Eventually, they reached a cliff overlooking the forest.

  • Kesegowaase: It is time for the hunt.
    Use all your senses together to find prey.

Shay killed a male elk.

  • Kesegowaase: Killing should not be meaningless. We must use what nature gives us.

Shay skinned the animal.

  • Kesegowaase: Good. Now to use what you have taken from nature.

Shay crafted two pistol holsters with the elk's hide.

  • Kesegowaase: With these, you can keep your pistols close.
    I hope that you will demonstrate more skill to your other teachers.
    Do not be late next time.
    You have done well, Shay.
    Remember what I taught you.
    The lesson is over for today, Shay.
    Farewell for now.
    Achilles has one more thing to show you.
  • Assassin 3: Good

Having completed his training, Shay made his way to Achilles. Nearby, an Assassin sparred with a recruit.

  • Assassin 3: Good, don't let your guard down.

Shay was addressed by the Assassin.

  • Assassin 3: How goes your training?
Lessons and Revelations 8

Achilles telling Shay about the Precursor sites

  • Achilles: Shay! I hear you've become quite the marksman.

Achilles gave Shay a pair of pistols.

  • Shay: A generous gift. Thank you, mentor.
  • Adéwalé: My ship awaits, Achilles. The people of Haiti will make good use of your supplies. I trust you will retrieve what has been lost.
  • Shay: Lost?
  • Achilles: The Templars stole two precious artifacts. A manuscript of ancient wisdom, and a box that allows one to understand its language.
  • Adéwalé: I have tracked the Templars as far as this coast, but I fear the rest is up to you, my friend...
  • Achilles: Farewell, Adéwalé. Whoever controls the artifacts can access Precursor sites of power. We must recover them or none are safe.


Shay was taught various skills by his more experienced comrades, and learned about the powerful artifacts stolen by the Templars.


  • The last tutor that Shay trains under, whether they are Hope, Liam or Kesegowaase, will always say just one line of dialogue, before telling Shay to meet Achilles.