Leopold Bacchus was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob or Evie were tasked with bringing in the Blighter Leopold Bacchus.


  • Bacchus: I just wanted a couple shiny things to look at. What's the harm there?
    There's nothing pretty down here. I need to go back up. Find another shipment, just one small. No one will notice.
    The jewels, the diamonds. I've lost me precious diamonds.
    They won't ever find me here, no they won't. The police don't look around below.

Jacob or Evie kidnapped Bacchus.

  • Bacchus: Ah!
    What do you want from me?
    Are you with the police? Are you a copper?
  • Jacob: Keep it down.
  • Bacchus: I don't deserve to hang!
  • Jacob: You won't get the death penalty, chap! But you sure as hell can't bail out of a routine arrest for theft.
  • Bacchus: They'll kill me in there!
  • Jacob: Murders get a bad reputation in prison, Mister Bacchus. You stole a couple of diamonds. You'll make out all right.

Evie's interaction would be slightly different.

  • Bacchus: Ah!
    What do you want from me?
    Are you with the police? Are you a copper?
  • Evie: Quiet please.
    Quiet, Mister Bacchus.
  • Bacchus: They took away my diamonds! My precious jewels!
  • Evie: They weren't yours to keep.
  • Bacchus: I know what I did was wrong, please let me go! I'll never steal again. Please, have mercy!
  • Evie: That's not what that sounded like. If you really want to repent, you'll do your prison time.

If Bacchus shook free, he would react as follows.

  • Bacchus: Help! Someone!
    Don't follow me!
    I'm being chased!
  • Jacob: Now, now. No need to be hasty.

Jacob or Evie apprehended Bacchus once more.

  • Bacchus: No, don't take me back there, please!
  • Jacob: It's nothing, they won't keep you longer than a couple of days. Now... Come with me.

Evie's interaction would be slightly different.

  • Bacchus: No! Don't take me back to the bobbies!
  • Evie: You'll be fine, Mister Bacchus. But no matter how hard you try to escape, theft simply isn't legal... Just try to breathe.

Jacob or Evie forced Bacchus into a carriage.

  • Bacchus: Get me out!

Jacob or Evie delivered Bacchus to Sergeant Frederick Abberline.

  • Abberline: I'll take it easy on him. Thank you.


Bacchus was arrested.