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Le Fanu (unknown – 1790) was a member of the French branch of the Templar Order.


Despite the turning of many sympathizers of the conservative faction among the Templars following the murder of Grand Master François de la Serre, Le Fanu still planned to pledge his loyalty to Élise de la Serre and support her claim for the title of Grand Master. However, he was killed by members of François-Thomas Germain's extremist faction before carrying out his plans.

Despite being known as a loving family man and a faithful husband, Le Fanu's body was placed in a brothel and later thrown naked into the streets, in order to discredit him both in the eyes of the general public and make an example for his fellow Templars. Le Fanu was posthumously stripped of his Templar rank, preventing his family from gaining any support from the Order.

Élise, who wanted to help his family, learned from Frederick Weatherall that Le Fanu's wife, Claire, had taken the lives of their children and committed suicide, unable to cope with her loss.