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Eraicon-Secret Crusade

Lazy Eye (unknown - 1191) was a member of the Knights Hospitalier in the employ of Templar Garnier de Naplouse.

Lazy Eye, referred as such by the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad for his damaged eye, apprehended an escaped patient of Naplouse's and severely beat him. When his employer appeared, the guard relented and subsequently broke the patient's legs on Naplouse's orders, before dragging the man back inside the Hospitalier Fortress.

After Naplouse was assassinated, Lazy Eye barred Altaïr's escape route and engaged the Assassin in combat. Overestimating his own prowess, he was swiftly killed by Altaïr, who outmaneuvered then slashed his opponent's neck with his sword, causing Lazy Eye to bleed to death.


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