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Layla Hassan (born 1984) is an Egyptian-American former employee of Abstergo Industries.


Early life

Born in Cairo from Ashraf and Zeinab Hassan, Layla and her family migrated to the United States at some point before 1989. The Hassans settled in the Queens, New York City, where Layla grew up alongside her two brothers, Rami and Kaden. Later, at some point of her life, she acquired the American citizenship through a process known as naturalization.

Abstergo Employee

A college dropout, Layla was discovered by Sofia Rikkin and recruited to work for Abstergo, who used her ideas to make new adjustments to the Animus. Working for Abstergo for 11 years, she never got the promotion to the Animus Project she desired due to her numerous transgressions of Abstergo protocols.

Target of Abstergo

In 2017, as part of a Historical Tactical Team, Layla and her co-worker and friend Deanna Geary were assigned by Simon Hathaway to find and retrieve an important ancient artifact from the Qattara Depression in Egypt. However, Layla instead found the mummies of the ancient Assassins Bayek and Aya. Without informing her superiors, she used her own portable Animus to relive their memories in order to prove her worth to the Animus Project.

Layla's refusal to check in with Abstergo led to the company deploying Sigma Team to find her and Deanna. While Deanna was captured and presumably killed, Layla used the skills she obtained through the Bleeding Effect to dispatch her attackers.

She was later found by William Miles, Mentor of the Assassins, after he had caught wind of her situation and offered her a position with the Assassins. Faced with no other option, Layla agreed to work with the Brotherhood, but refused to actually join as a member, and the two were to leave together for Alexandria.

Personality and traits

Layla Hassan was noted by her colleagues for her strict adherence to policy and protocol. On those occassion wherein she was forced to act outside of these boundaries, she often took on an apologetic tone; this was shown on at least one occassion when she emailed Juhani Otso Berg regarding his use of her allocated parking space at Abstergo's offices. Eventually, however, Layla's frustration at the perceived lack of respect from her colleagues convinced her to act outside of company protocol and attempt to "prove herself" by undertaking the mission to sequence Bayek's genetic memories herself.



  • "Layla" is a feminine Arabic name meaning "night", while "Hassan" is a common Arabic surname meaning "strong" and "good".
  • Layla's father, Ashraf Hassan, share his birthname with Ashraf Ismail, the game director for Assassin's Creed: Origins.
  • If one looks around Layla's equipment, they will discover she owns a Moogle doll, a Cactuar statuette, and a Chocobo sticker. All are Easter eggs towards the Final Fantasy series, particularly, Final Fantasy XV.



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