AC4 Prins Manor

Laurens Prins' manor

Laurens Prins' manor was a large estate that served as the residence of Dutch slaver Laurens Prins during the late 17th to early 18th century. The manor had its own adjoining plantation fields, which lay on a hill near the city of Kingston, Jamaica.

In 1717, the Assassin Mary Read and her pirate ally Edward Kenway infiltrated the manor to assassinate Prins and locate the Sage Bartholomew Roberts, who had been captured by Prins. Although they were successful in the former, with Kenway killing Prins, they were outsmarted by Roberts, who alerted the guards to their presence by shooting a bell. Read and Kenway were subsequently chased out by the soldiers, while Roberts escaped.


  • The manor's grounds could not be accessed prior to the "Unmanned" memory.
  • The manor heavily resembles the real world Rose Hall, Montego Bay in northern Jamaica, itself a former plantation manor.



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