Laurence Hendricks was a British citizen, who lived and worked in London in the mid-nineteenth century.


Owning a refinery in London, Hendricks was a wealthy industrialist. His business was forced to shut down, however, when some of his employees started sabotaging his machinery. Rumors quickly surfaced that his competitor, John Ashton, had been paying his employees to perform the sabotage, hoping to take care of his rival that way.

Wanting to take revenge on Ashton, Hendricks decided to resort to murder. One day in 1868, when Ashton came by the pub for his daily business gossip, Hendricks took his revolver and shot his rival in his back. Ashton, however, had been poisoned with strong sedatives, and simply continued along his morning routine, until he was eventually crushed by a wooden crate.

The Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye discovered several attempts at Ashton's life, all made on the same morning. Through the process of elimination, they eventually discovered that Ashton's wife had stabbed him, which was the fatal wound.

Mrs. Ashton was taken in by the Metropolitan Police Service, but the Frye twins decided not to arrest any of the would-be murderers, allowing Hendricks to get away with his actions.