AC4 La Dame en Rose

La Dame en Rose

La Dame en Rose (English: The Lady in Pink) was a brothel in Port-au-Prince run by Madame Bastienne Josèphe, an ally and informant to the Maroon rebellion.

Established prior to the beginning of the 18th century, La Dame en Rose was a prosperous business even before Bastienne took over as madam. Versed in financial affairs, Bastienne was able to increase the brothel's business two-fold, with a portion of the profits being used to purchase the freedom of slaves in Port-au-Prince. In addition, she used information gathered by the courtesans from their clients to solicit favors from powerful political figures, such as Governor de Fayet.


  • Adéwalé could interact with a bed in one of the rooms in La Dame en Rose. Doing so would shift the camera to the main floor, with Adéwalé presumably sleeping with one of the courtesans.
  • A portrait of Laurens Prins could be found hanging near the room where Adéwalé kept his weapons.


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