"You seen the armor on her? We'll never make a dent on that thing!"
―The Jackdaw's crew upon initiating battle with the La Dama Negra.[src]
AC4 La Dama Negra

La Dama Negra

La Dama Negra (English: The Black Lady) was one of five legendary ships encountered by the pirate Edward Kenway in the Caribbean, during the early 18th century. She was located south of the fort of Serranilla in the Caribbean Sea.

She relied heavily upon her double sets of mortars in battle, while trying to remain out of range of enemy ships until they were almost sunk, following which she would then deliver devastating broadside cannon volleys. Unlike other mortars, hers gave no visual indication of where the shots would land. Instead, they were projected directly at the estimated position of an enemy ship's course, aiming for the bow.

Equipped with heavily armored sides, La Dama Negra was immune to broadside fire. Her only major weak spot was her stern, to which attacks there did significant damage. She was also susceptible to attacks directed at her bow, sails, and deck, making her vulnerable to being rammed from the front and back, or from mortar fire. La Dama Negra was eventually sunk by Kenway's Jackdaw.


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