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Kulpreet (d. 1862) was a member of the Indian Brotherhood of Assassins.


Known as the best swordswoman of the Brotherhood, she was also married and had a son. Kulpreet worked with Ajay, an Assassin who had a crush on her and with whom she worked as custodian of the Darkness, the subterranean headquarters of the Assassins in Amritsar.

In 1860, she was chosen as the executioner of Jayadeep Mir, who had failed to kill a target due to a loss of nerve in what was perceived as a display of dangerous incompetence. However, the sentence was secretly commuted into banishment, and Jayadeep left for England to work as an undercover agent for his former tutor, the British Assassin Ethan Frye.

In 1862, the British Templar Cavanagh began to suspect that Bharat Singh, a young Indian man in his employ, was in fact Jayadeep, whom he heard of during his time in India. Cavanagh therefore tasked the Indian Templars to capture Ajay and Kulpreet to learn the truth. Overwhelmed by their numbers, the two Assassins were knocked out and taken to a warehouse to be tortured for information on whether or not Jayadeep had been executed years earlier.

Tied to a chair, Kulpreet still managed to subdue her would-be torturer and seize her hidden blade. However, outnumbered she realized that she would not be able to escape so decided to commit suicide. She activated her weapon's fail-safe and released the blade through the neck of the Templar she had bested and into her own eye, killing them both.


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