Holden: "The governor's nervous, sir. Reckons the Grand Vizier Raghib Pasha in Istanbul has it in for him."
Haytham: "I see. And is he right? Does the Grand Vizier have it in for him?"
Holden: "The Grand Vizier called him the 'peasant son of a peasant'."
Haytham: "Sounds like he has got it in for him then."
—Haytham Kenway and Jim Holden discussing Koca Ragıp Pasha, 1757.[src]

Koca Mehmet Ragıp Pasha (1698 – 8 April 1763) was the Ottoman Grand Vizier from 1757 to his death.

During his tenure, Ragıp Pasha planned to depose Damascene governor As'ad Pasha al-Azm, calling him the "peasant son of a peasant". As the governor grew paranoid, he increased security around the city and executed people suspected of being spies in Ragıp Pasha's employ. Eventually, al-Azm was captured and executed under Ragıp Pasha's orders.