Knowledge was a virtual representation of one of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Altaïr investigated the possible leads in Damascus, and visited the city's Assassin bureau. Sharing the knowledge about Tamir with the Bureau's Rafiq, the Assassin was given the leave to go and assassinate his target.


Altaïr entered the Assassin bureau and made his way to the Rafiq's chamber.

  • Rafiq: Altaïr. It's good to see you. And in one piece.
  • Altaïr: You as well, friend.
  • Rafiq: I'm sorry for your troubles.
  • Altaïr: Think nothing of it.
  • Rafiq: A few of your brothers were here earlier, in fact. Oof, if you'd heard the things they said... I'm certain you'd have slain them where they stood.
  • Altaïr: It's quite alright.
  • Rafiq: Yes, you've never been one for the Creed, have you?
  • Altaïr: Is that all?
  • Rafiq: I'm sorry, sometimes I forget myself. What business brings you to Damascus?
  • Altaïr: A man named Tamir. Al Mualim takes issue with the work he does. I'm meant to end it. Now tell me where to find him.
  • Rafiq: Surely you remember how to track an enemy.
  • Altaïr: Of course! Learn where he will be and when. But that sort of work is best left for- I understand.
  • Rafiq: Go and search the city. Determine what he's planning and where he works. Preparation makes the victor.
  • Altaïr: What can you tell me of him?
  • Rafiq: Tamir makes his living as a black market merchant. So the Souk district should be your destination. I would suggest you seek out the following places: a small souk northeast of here, the madrasah to our east. And in the gardens north of this Bureau. Focus on these places and he should become well known to you.
  • Altaïr: I assume you want me to return to you when this is done.
  • Rafiq: Yes. Come back to me. I'll give you Al Mualim's marker, and you'll give us Tamir's life.
  • Altaïr: As you wish.
  • Rafiq: Remember Altaïr, if you find yourself in trouble, and the city turned against you, return to the bureau. I can shelter you from the storm. Be warned though - if your enemies are too close, my door will remain closed, until you've lost them. Do you understand?
  • Altaïr: Yes. To bring the enemy inside would compromise the Brotherhood.
  • Rafiq: Very well. Off you go.
    The market district should be your first stop. Tamir is quite well-known there.
    I'm sorry, I tend to go on some times.
    I would have loved to have been by your side all these years. You lead the life of a hero.

After he had gathered enough information, Altaïr returned to the Bureau.

  • Rafiq: Altaïr! Welcome, welcome!
  • Altaïr: I've done what you asked. Now give me the marker.
  • Rafiq: First things first. Tell me what you know.
  • Altaïr: Tamir rules over the Souk Al-Silaah. He makes his fortune selling arms and armor, and is supported by many in this endeavor. Blacksmiths, traders, financiers. He's the single largest death-dealer in the land.
  • Rafiq: And have you devised a way to rid us of this blight?
  • Altaïr: A meeting is being arranged at Souk Al-Silaah to discuss an important sale. They say it's the largest deal Tamir has ever made. He'll be distracted with his work. That's when I'll strike.
  • Rafiq: Your plan seems solid enough. I give you leave to go.

The Rafiq placed a feather on top of the counter, and Altaïr took it with him.

  • Rafiq: Let Al Mualim's will be done. You may rest here until you are ready.


Altaïr shared the information he gathered about Tamir with the Rafiq, and was given the permission to proceed with the assassination.