This article is about the Man O' War. You may be looking for George I of Great Britain.
"You will never escape with our relic, Assassins! Your pathetic little fleet is no match for my King George... the jewel of the Royal Navy!"
―Francis Hume, on his ship, 1717.[src]

The King George was a Royal Navy Man O' War, active in the Caribbean during the early 18th century. The King George was captained by the Templar Francis Hume.

In February 1717, the pirates Alonzo Batilla, Olivier Levasseur and Samuel Bellamy attacked and captured the Whydah, a slave ship belonging to Laurens Prins. After recovering the Fragment of Eden from the Whydah, Bellamy took the ship for himself. The Whydah, being heavily damaged and poorly armed, was subsequently escorted to safety by Levasseur and Batilla.

While en route, the trio was attacked by Hume, who easily overpowered the pirates with the firepower of the King George. However, the Man O' War was crippled after Edward Thatch interfered, enabling Batilla to easily sink the King George, killing its captain and the crew.


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