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Bayek discovering the vault

Khesesh Em Sesh Em Eeneb is an Isu ruin located beneath the Pyramid of Khufu, in Saqqara Nome.


Around 48 BCE, the ruins were visited by the Medjay Bayek, who was tracking a member of the Order of the Ancients: Khaliset. Khaliset was conducting rituals in the vault, convinced that with the knowledge left behind by the "gods" she would be able to resurrect her beloved daughter.[1]

While investigating the ruin to understand what Khaliset was up to[1], Bayek activated the vault's pedestal. This started a recording made by the Messenger, ninety-five days after the Great Catastrophe, and intended for Layla Hassan, who is 2017, was reliving Bayek's genetic memories.[2]


  • Khesesh Em Sesh Em Eeneb is a romanised version of the Egyptian (xasaX) (m) (sax) (m) (inb), meaning Stars and Uraeus and the Palace Wall.[3]




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