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Khemu (died 49 BCE) was the Egyptian son of Bayek, the Medjay of Siwa, and his wife Aya. During his life, he enjoyed an idyllic childhood with his parents. His father mentored him in the values of the Medjay and in vital skills such as hunting.

In 49 BCE, Khemu was taken hostage by the Order of the Ancients as a means of forcing his father to unlock the Siwa Vault under the Temple of Amun for them. When the two resisted, the boy was slain by Flavius Metellus, one among the Order, who redirected Bayek's knife into his son's heart.

Khemu's demise became the pivotal event that led to the foundation of the Assassin Brotherhood. His grief-stricken parents mercilessly hunted down each and every last member of the Order they knew from 49 BCE to 47 BCE, a vengeful journey that became embroiled in the wider political conflicts of the waning Ptolemaic dynasty and would culminate in the rise of the Hidden Ones, the first generation of Assassins.



Khemu was named for Kemet, the ancient name for Egypt.[1]

He was conceived while his parents were in the desert hiding from an assassin who was trying to extinguish the last remnants of the Medjay bloodline where Sabu, Khemu's grandfather, had trained Bayek for several years. After killing Sabu, the assassin discovered that Aya was pregnant and so tried to kill her and Bayek in order to accomplish his mission on behalf of Raia, a member of the Order of the Ancients. The two lovers managed to eliminate their would-be murderer, however and Khemu was born months later.[2]


Khemu's best friend in was Chenzira who sometimes went hunting with him and his father.


In 49 BCE, the Order of the Ancients kidnapped Khemu and Bayek, bringing both of them to the Siwa Vault beneath the Temple of Amun. Believing Bayek to have knowledge regarding the vault and how to open it, the Order attempted to interrogate the Medjay for answers before being interrupted by the arrival of the pharaoh Ptolemy XIII.[3]

Khemu used the confusion to free his father, who attacked the members before being subdued. Amidst the confusion, Flavius physically manipulated Bayek (whom tried stabbing him) into stabbing his own son, who succumbed to his wounds shortly after. After his death, his body was buried in a tomb in the Mountain of the Dead.[3]


Despite his short life, Khemu's death triggered a series of events which would result in the founding of the Hidden Ones, a secretive cabal which later evolved into the Assassin Brotherhood.[3]

Following Khemu's murder, both Bayek and Aya embarked on a quest for vengeance against the Order of the Ancients. By 47 BCE, most of the Order's members in Egypt had been assassinated, with only Lucius Septimius and Flavius Metellus, Khemu's murderer, remaining. While Aya went after Septimius, Bayek pursued Flavius to Cyrene. Bayek confronted the Roman Consul in the Temple of Zeus in Cyrene and, despite Flavius taking advantage of an ancient relic of the gods, killed him. In the void, Khemu asked his father to let go of him before he rubbed the feather against Flavius, putting him to peace and satisfying Bayek's quest for vengeance.[3]

The eagle skull necklace worn by Khemu, and later by his father, would later serve as the "template" from which the Assassin insignia was derived.[3]

Personality and characteristics

Unlike his friends and family, Khemu was shown to be frequently afraid and doubted he would be able to live up to his father legacy as a Medjay, as shown when he was not able to jump off the cliff at Halma Point, despite with his father's urging.[3]