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ACO Khemu

Khemu (unknown – 49 BCE) was the son of Bayek and Aya. During his life, he enjoyed hunting with his father and spending time with him. Khemu's best friend in Siwa was Chenzira, who sometimes came hunting with Bayek and Khemu.


He was conceived while his parents were in the desert, hiding from an assassin trying to extinguish the last remnants of the Medjay bloodline and where Sabu trained Bayek during several years. After killing Sabu, the killer discovered that Aya was unknowingly pregnant and tried to kill her and Bayek to accomplish his mission for Raia of the Order of the Ancients. However, the two lovers successfully killed Bion and Aya accepted the marriage proposal of Bayek that she initially rejected because she wanted to settle in Alexandria while Bayek duty was to protect the Temple of Siwa.[1]

In 49 BCE, the Order of the Ancients kidnapped Khemu and Bayek, bringing both of them to the Siwa Vault beneath the Temple of Amun. Believing Bayek to have knowledge regarding the vault and how to open it, they attempted to interrogate the Medjay for answers before being interrupted by the upcoming arrival of the pharaoh Ptolemy XIII.[2]

Khemu used the confusion to free his father, who attacked the members before being subdued. Amidst the confusion, Khemu was stabbed by Flavius, succumbing to his wounds soon enough. After his death, his body was buried in a tomb in the Mountain of the Dead.[2]


Khemu's death led his parents on a quest for vengeance against the Order of the Ancients for the next few years.[2]

By 47 BCE, most of the members in Egypt have been killed, with Flavius Metellus and Lucius Septimius remaining. While Aya went after Septimius, Bayek went after Flavius, who was Khemu's primary killer. The Medjay confronted the Roman Consul in the Temple of Zeus in Cyrene. Despite Flavius having the advantage of utilizing the miraculous abilities of the Apple of Eden, he was killed and in the void, Khemu asked his father to let go of him before he rubbed the feather against Flavius, putting him to peace and satisfying Bayek's quest for vengeance.[2]



  • Despite his short role and small life, his death led to a series of events which resulted in the official core founding of the Hidden Ones, a secretive cabal which later reincarnated as the Assassin Brotherhood.


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