"I'm telling you, Bayek, I am so close to my dream. If only I was given the chance, I know I could become champion. I mean, wealth, luxury, fame! What more could a woman want?"
―Kensa, on her life as a gladiator, 48 BCE.[src]-[m]

Kensa (born c. 85 BCE) was an Egyptian gladiator and a friend of the Medjay Bayek, during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.


Early life

Growing up Kensa became friends with Bayek and taught him the ways of her tribe, hunting and trapping.[1] Eventually Kensa's tribe had to move on, several years later in 70 BCE Kensa meets up with Bayek, Aya, and a street urchin Tuta in Thebes, Bayek was there searching for his father, Sabu. Together they hunt down Menna, a grave robber who had attacked Bayek's home years earlier, they had gotten word that he was nearby in Thebes. Alongside Aya, Tuta, Seri and Neka (two of Kensa's family) they begin their hunt for Menna.

Neka was captured, before being tortured. He was saved by a brave night rescue by the others. During the battle Menna escaped on a chariot. He was pursued by Bayek and Kensa, the latter felling his driver by arrow shot – Menna ultimately perished in the chariot crash.[1]

Kensa got word that Sabu was being held in a pit at the island of Elephantine. As such, Bayek and Aya leave with her in search. Under cover of a sandstorm the group infiltrated the island of Elephantine. Sabu was not in the pit, but a deranged man was set there as a decoy. After they escape the area guards, Sabu revealed himself to the group. Bion, the man hunting the last of the Medjay, arrived to the same trap, and is injured, but escaped.[1]

Later life

During the Ptolemy XIII's visit to Siwa in 49 BCE, Kensa was taken as a slave and exploited by Lucius Septimius and his clan. She eventually managed to escape and fled the village, making her way to the city of Krokodilopolis, in the Faiyum Oasis. There, she was taken in by Felix Martialis, the owner of the Krokodilopolis Arena, who trained her to become a gladiator.[2]

A year later in 48 BCE, Kensa was reunited with Bayek, who had came to the city in purusue of Shadya's killer. Catching up with him, Kensa helped Bayek to gain access to the arena, where they formed a team known as the The Siwan Warriors. Together, Kensa and Bayek fought and rose up the ranks to challenge the arena champions, Diovicos and Viridovix, whom they defeated. After defeating them, Kensa learned of Bayek's true motives for entering the arena; Bayek believed them to be responsible for Shadya's death. Kensa offered to help him, though Bayek refused and left the arena.[2]

The next day, Kensa was later employed by Berenike, Shadya's true killer and a member of the Order of the Ancients known as the Crocodile, to serve as her bodyguard, though in this task Kensa ultimately failed.[2]


  • Whilst it is not required in order to complete the mission, it is possible to kill (or not kill) Kensa during the assassination of Berenike; either way, Kensa is not mentioned again.
  • Even if Bayek killed Kensa, a papyrus informing that Kensa is still a gladiator in Faiyum can be found in the Bureau of the Hidden Ones. Indicating that she might have survived her fight with Bayek.
  • Kensa is derived ultimately from Arabic كَنْز (kanz) meaning 'treasure'.