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Kensa (unknown – 48 BCE) was an Egyptian gladiator and a former friend of the Medjay Bayek during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.

During the Pharaoh's time in Siwa, Kensa was taken as a slave and exploited by Lucius Septimius and his clan. Before she managed to escape the village, making her way to the city of Krokodilopolis in the Faiyum. She was then taken in by Felix Martialis who trained her to become a gladiator.

In 48 BCE, Kensa was reunited with Bayek, who had come to the city to look for Shadya's killer. She then helped him to gain access to the arena, where they formed a team. Together, Kensa and Bayek fought and rose up the ranks to challenge the arena champions, Diovicos and Viridovix. After defeating them, Kensa learned of Bayek's true motives for entering the arena and offered to help him, which Bayek refused.

Kensa was later revealed to be working for the Crocodile, Berenike, Shadya's killer who Bayek had been pursuing. She eventually died at the hands of the Medjay, who later killed Berenike as well.


  • It is possible not to kill her and to just kill Berenike, but she is not mentioned for the rest of the game.
  • Even if Bayek killed Kensa, a papyrus informing that Kensa is still gladiator in Faiyum can be found in the Hidden Ones Bureau.



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