Keep Your Friends Close was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


With new information on the gangs' activities, Shay returned to Colonel Monro to see what might be done.


Shay met with Colonel Monro in New York.

  • Monro: Ah, Master Cormac. What you have learned from Le Chasseur was confirmed. The local lawbreakers are changing tactics.
  • Shay: What's their plan now?
  • Monro: Their boss has hired Benjamin Franklin to produce new weapons for them. He's very well-guarded.
  • Shay: Benjamin Franklin... The scientist?
  • Monro: You have heard of him, good. He is making equipment to spread gases among the populace. Toxic ones, as it turns out.
  • Shay: The populace? I thought they would use it against the authorities. Though that would be terrible as well...
  • Monro: The ruffians we have arrested refer to an intimidating woman. I believe she is behind these nefarious plans.
  • Shay: I'll look into this.
  • Monro: Thank you.

Colonel Monro left.

  • Shay: Hope... I pray it's not you.

Shay set off to find Franklin's residence.

  • Gang member 1: Did you see him today?
  • Gang member 2: No, he hasn't stepped outside in days.
  • Gang member 3: What's Franklin working on?
  • Gang member 4: Not sure, but it sounds explosive.
    The boss really wants Franklin isolated.
  • Gang member 5: Uh huh. No one interrupts his work.
  • Gang member 3: Really?

Shay reached Franklin's residence.

Keep Your Friends Close 2

Franklin giving the grenade launcher to Shay

  • Franklin: Shay? It is good to see you again! Your friend Hope said you were away.
  • Shay: I... was.
    Sir, I- I've come to collect the results of your experiments.
  • Franklin: Oh, well... It's a very good thing then, I just finished fixing the prototype. Here you go!

Franklin handed Shay the prototype.

  • Franklin: I was preparing to leave for Philadelphia, and then Europe. I was invited to lecture in London. Oh! Would you be so kind as to inform Mistress Hope?
  • Shay: Of course.

Franklin departed, leaving Shay to install the prototype onto his air rifle.

  • Shay: God, Hope... What are you doing with these felons? Turning the city against itself? What have you become?

Colonel Monro joined Shay.

  • Monro: Is something the matter, Master Cormac?
  • Shay: No no, yes, just... old memories.
  • Monro: When I am issued new recruits burdened with regrets, I tell them the surest way to lose them is with gunpowder.
  • Shay: You're right, Colonel.
  • Monro: This prototype seems very powerful. Use it with care, Master Cormac. Our intelligence says this thing can destroy certain fortifications, as well as injure several enemies at once. There is also a more subtle way to use it. Some of these grenades contain a strong sedative. Fire one into the crowd and they will fall asleep immediately.
    We should test this new weapon. Use it against that door.
    Use these grenades to destroy that door.
    Go ahead, Master Cormac, shoot the door.
Keep Your Friends Close 4

Shay testing the grenade launcher

Shay fired a grenade at the shed doors, destroying them.

  • Monro: Good work. I think you are ready to turn this new weapon against the ruffians who would have used it. There is an abandoned factory nearby, hiding a dangerous poison. Right now, it only causes sleep... But I fear those outlaws are distilling it. A more powerful formula could sicken or perhaps even kill most of New York.
  • Shay: Then that's my first target.
  • Monro: Be careful, Master Cormac. We understand that the ingredients are... highly unstable.
  • Shay: All the better.

Shay made his way to the factory.

  • Shay: Hmm, if I mess with this, maybe I can break the whole system.

Shay sabotaged one of the poison supplies.

  • Gang members: This is dangerous!
    Stop this, you fool!
    Are you crazy!?
    You'll pay for this!
    The whole place will blow up!
    Stay away! This is dangerous.
    Hey! What are you doing here!?

Shay then destroyed the other two poison supplies, severely damaging the factory.

  • Shay: I must get out, or I'm as good as dead.

Shay subsequently escaped the area and made his way back to Colonel Monro, who had been joined by Gist.

Keep Your Friends Close 7

Gist and Monro congratulating Shay

  • Gist: Ahh. What marvelous destruction, Captain! I saw the smoke all the way from the Morrigan!
  • Monro: That should discourage those miscreants. New York is safe, for now.
  • Shay: With all due respect, Colonel, it's going to take more than a few explosions to get rid of this kind of trouble.

Two men joined the trio.

  • Johnson: The boy is right, Colonel Monro.
  • Weeks: Shay, was it? Congratulations, you just burned a whole lot of rats out of New York. I'm Jack Weeks, this is William Johnson. I don't know about him, but I'm pleased to meet you.
  • Shay: Pleased to meet you as well.
  • Gist: It is terribly dusty here. I'm sure Shay can recount his adventures to us over a pint. Hey, the first round's on... the Colonel, eh!
  • Monro: Is something the matter, Master Cormac?
  • Shay: Just a little confused... I must have breathed some of that gas.
  • Monro: Some ale will do you good. Come, we are all friends here, you will be taken care of.


After obtaining a grenade launcher, Shay destroyed the factory which housed a large reserve of the gangs' poison gas.