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Kawab was the son of Taharqa–the steward of Letopolis and a member of the Order of the Ancients–and was himself later a member of the Hidden Ones.[1]


Early life

Kawab lived in the village of Sais, with his mother Maharet and grandfather Ghupa. His father Taharqa was the steward and grand planner of Letopolis, thus he was always away from the town. However, Kawab was not aware of the truth nature of his father's work.[1]

In 48 BCE, when the Medjay, Bayek, came searching for information for the Scarab, a member of the Order of the Ancients, he was directed by the town's brewer Harkhuf to Kawab, as his grandfather was, on one ocassion, nearly beaten to death with his tongue cut out. When asked about Ghupa's whereabouts, Kawab informed Bayek that Ghupa had left on the road to Camp Pyrrhos and had not returned. Bayek assured him that he would look for his grandfather, before sending him to play with the kids.[2]

Bayek later returned to Kawab's home with an injured Ghupa, who was searching the Scarab. When Bayek asked about the whereabouts of Taharqa, Kawab informed him that his father was away, working in Letopolis. Ghupa later gave Kawab a letter, directing him to pass to Bayek. As the letter mentioned that the Scarab was summoning warriors to Letopolis, Bayek made it his intention to travel to the city to help Taharqa. Before Bayek left, Kawab gave him a wooden toy car, asking him to deliver to his father.[2]

Quest for Vengeance

After his father was killed by Bayek in Letopolis, Kawab was driven on a path of vengeance against the Medjay, tracking him across Egypt and eventually to the Sinai Peninsula in 38 BCE.[3]

That year, he hired two bounty hunters to patrol the Arsinoe and Madiama Nome in search of his father's killer, though they were later hunted down by Bayek himself. When Bayek eventually discovered his trails and whereabouts, Kawab confronted him in the desert and attempted to regain his father's honor. However, Bayek defeated him, convincing him to give up his vengeance and use it for a much greater cause. Kawab accepted his defeat and ultimately joined Bayek as a member of the Hidden Ones.[3]

After the destruction of the Sinai Bureau, Kawab trained in the new hideout of the brotherhood. There, he informed Bayek of his intentions to travel to Judea to counter the tyrannical rule of King Herod the Great.[4]

Personality and characteristics

As a child, Kawab admired his father very much and believed in what he was doing. After his father's death, he trained for ten years in hopes that he would kill Bayek and avenge Taharqa. Upon being defeated by Bayek and joining the Hidden Ones, he renounced his family and became a loyal member of the brotherhood.


  • Like his father, Kawab shares his name with ancient Egyptian royalty, named after the Fourth Dynasty prince Kawab, son of Khufu.



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