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"'To the eagle-bearing Misthios.' That's you."
―Barnabas to Kassandra, 431 BCE.[src]

Kassandra of Sparta (453 BCE – 2018), also known as the Misthios (English: Mercenary), the Eagle-Bearer, and the West Wind, was a Spartan mercenary who fought during the Peloponnesian War. She was the older half-sister of Alexios and, through their mother, Myrrine, the granddaughter of King Leonidas of Sparta. While raised by her mother's husband, Nikolaos, she was later revealed to be the biological daughter of Pythagoras himself.

During her exploits as a mercenary, Kassandra came at odds with the secretive Cult of Kosmos, an organization with the intent of controlling all of Greece and beyond. For her opposition against the Cult, Kassandra is considered one of the early precursors to the Assassin Brotherhood.


Early life

As a child, Kassandra was presented with the broken Spear of Leonidas, an Isu weapon, as an heirloom by her mother. Because of her prestigious lineage, great hopes were placed upon her to live up to the strength and valor of Leonidas. Her step-father, Nikolaos, would often train her in hopes that she would follow in her footsteps.[1] In 446 BCE, the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi gave a prophecy in which Kassandra's younger brother, Alexios (who was a newborn at the time), would bring about the fall of Sparta in the future. In order to prevent this, Alexios was to be sacrificed at Mount Taygetos, despite Myrrine's plea for Nikolaos to stop it. As a priest was about to drop Alexios, Kassandra attempted to stop the sacrifice, but instead pushed the priest and Alexios to their apparent death. Kassandra was condemned as a traitor to Sparta, leading her step-father to execute her by dropping her off the mountains.[2]

Kassandra, however, survived the fall, and escaped to the beach with the spear. Refusing to be found by the Spartans, Kassandra fled out to the open seas, with an eagle following her. A storm later turned Kassandra's boat overboard and she woke up on the beaches of Kephallonia. There, she was greeted by Markos, who took her under his wing and tasked her to do errands for him.[1]

Life as a misthios

Years after the incident on the mountain, Kassandra became a well renowned misthios. Thugs would regularly come to her to demand money on behalf of the Cyclops. Kassandra eventually tired of this lifestyle and defeated the thugs that came to her. Before Kassandra continued, she was greeted by Phoibe, an orphan, with whom Kassandra shared a close bond with. After the two finished talking about eagles, Phoibe told her to meet Markos at his new vineyard and then left leaving Kassandra to deal with the thugs. Coming across Markos in his new vineyard, she was initially angry at his purchase of the vineyard while he still owed her drachmae. Calming her with the promise of more, he directed her to Duris who owed Markos drachmae. Kassandra then took a horse and went off to find Duris.[3]

Before Kassandra could collect her debt, she was informed that Phoibe had been kidnapped and was being held at Kitmene Beach. After making her way to the beach, she stealthily dealt with the three thugs guarding Phoibe. Assured that Phoibe was alright, Kassandra then went to find Duris in order to collect her debt. Heading back to Markos, she catches him in an argument with Drucilla about her stolen lumber shipment. Kassandra then got Drucilla to fix her bow before she went and fixed her stolen lumber problem.[1]


Kassandra eventually obtained the staff of Hermes Trismegistus and became immortal until she passed on the staff to Layla Hassan who in 2018 ventured into the Isu temple at the Caldera of Fate.[4][5][6]

Personality and traits

As a mercenary, Kassandra had one prime goal - drachmae. She was willing to do anything to get it. She had a soft spot for children however, particularly Phoibe, a young orphaned Kephallonian girl. She was able to hold a grudge, as seen with how she reacted when she was reunited with Nikolaos, her step-father.

Equipment and skills

Trained from a young age to fight as a Spartan, Kassandra was a highly skilled warrior capable of defeating multiple opponents simultaneously. Kassandra was able to competently wield a variety of weapon types, including swords, bows, spears, and axes. Unlike most Spartan warriors, however, Kassandra did not rely on a shield for protection, instead being able to easily deflect enemy attacks.

A master of stealth, Kassandra was able to silently assassinate her targets undetected and was also able to utilize the foliage of bushes to remain hidden from her enemies. She also proved proficient in the use of the Spear of Leonidas which aided her in silent assassinations. The Spear of Leonidas also gifts Kassandra with Superhuman powers which includes enabling her to know what , when and how her enemies are going to attack, giving her a major edge over her enemies in combat. Also greatly enhances her physical strength to the point where she can send normal and giant sized men to animals as large as Grizzely Bears flying through the air dozens of feet away from her in a single blow with sufficient force. Her blows could even stagger Legendary beasts like the Nemean Lion and a Cyclops with significant effort. Could also briefly enhance her speed and reflexes to the point where she can move faster then a human eye can see or react to and can also regenerate her injuries that would normally be fatal although the spear does have a limit as shown during Leonidas death flashback Kassandra experiences upon visiting his grave. Can also be used to turn her invisible for a short while, allow minor contol over poison and fire, produce concussive shockwaves, charge arrow's with raw explosive energy, phase arrows through solid objects, and very minor control over time, only allowing for time to be stopped for 5 seconds.  

A skilled freerunner, Kassandra was able to scale the statue of Athena in Athens as well as natural elements with relative ease. She also proved to be a strong swimmer whilst searching the ruins of underwater shipwrecks and was capable of holding her breath for a relatively long period of time.

Kassandra shared a symbiotic relationship with her eagle, Ikaros, which aided her in reconnaissance thanks to her Eagle Vision. Unlike later generations who possessed the skill, Kassandra's Eagle Vision was far more literal in the sense that activating the ability allowed her to see through the eyes of Ikaros.

With the Staff of Hermes, which was passed on to her by her father Pythagoras, she was rendered immortal and remained unchanged for far longer than two thousand years. With the staff she no longer required food or water as the staff sustained her needs. She could even cause the Staff of Hermes to transform into anything she chooses, such as a lantern. While never shown, it is assumed she could use everything the staff gave to it's user, including short range teleportaion and energy manipulation and projection. By 2018, she had a great deal of knowledge of every innovation and discoveries which have happened in her immensely long lifespan, recognizing Layla's device. She also is aware of a great deal of historical information as well as the existence of many secret societies that have risen during her immensely long lifespan.


  • Kassandra, Κασσανδρα, is an Ancient Greek name derived from possibly κεκασμαι (kekasmai) 'to excel, to shine' and ἀνήρ (anḗr) 'man', altogether meaning 'shining upon men'.
    • Her name could also be a reference to the Trojan princess who was given the power of foresight by Apollo, but when she rejected him, he cursed these visions so that they would come true, but she wouldn't be believed (this is known as the "Cassandra metaphor", in which a figure with knowledge of the truth and/or upcoming disasters is ignored).
  • Kassandra is one of two selectable protagonists in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, alongside Alexios. Regardless of who the player chooses, the two protagonists share the same story. However, the novelization of the video game confirms that Kassandra is the canonical protagonist.
    • If the player chooses Alexios as the protagonist then he and Kassandra's roles in the story are reversed, with Kassandra becoming Alexios' younger sister.
    • Both Alexios and Kassandra have the same romance options. This means that you can choose your character's sexual orientation.
  • Kassandra has a scar on her right upper lip.




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