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"We cannot disobey the Clan Mother."

Kahionhaténion was a Kanien'kehá:ka warrior during the American Revolutionary War. He was also the brother of Teiowí:sonte.

Kahionhaténion was born and raised in the village of Kanatahséton as a warrior and a hunter.

Alternate timelineEdit

Kahionhaténion helped to defend Kanatahséton from an attack by King Washington, by gathering the virgin boughs of the Red Willow to brew a strength-giving tea.

After the attack, Kahionhaténion and his brother, Teiowí:sonte, recovered Ratonhnhaké:ton from the village, using the powers granted to them by the Red Willow.

When Teiowí:sonte was captured by the Bluecoats while trying to free enslaved people from the Frontier, Kahionhaténion asked Ratonhnhaké:ton to help him find and save his brother.

Despite this, Kahionhaténion and his brother were killed in battle when Bluecoats followed Ratonhnhaké:ton's tracks back to the cave that the clan were hiding in.


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