John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore (1730 – 25 February 1809), commonly known as Lord Dunmore, was Governor of Virginia from 1771 to 1775.

In the first year of the American Revolutionary War, the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins thwarted a Templar attempt on Lord Dunmore's life. As the incumbent Governor of Virginia when the war broke out, Lord Dunmore remained loyal to Great Britain. His forces clashed against the 2nd Virginia Regiment of the Continental Army led by Colonel William Woodford in December 1775, when he was forced to retreat to the city of Norfolk. Sensing his peril, the Assassins once again moved to protect him in the subsequent confrontation at Norfolk. To the Assassins, his survival was paramount while the actual outcome of the battle was of no concern to them.[1]

The following year, he issued a proclamation offering freedom to any slave who would join the Loyalists. The slave George Davidson was among those who enlisted in Lord Dunmore's Ethiopian Regiment.[2]