Jesse Butler was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob or Evie were tasked with bringing in the Blighter Jesse Butler.


  • Butler: You're late.
  • Blighter 1: Sorry, boss. Jamie got distracted.
  • Blighter 2: I did, did I?
  • Butler: Enough. I've received words from Cletus' foremen. Funds are low. It's time to collect the rent. Or the market closes.
  • Blighter 2: But boss, they have nothing!
  • Butler: I don't need excuses, I need money. Now get to work! I must see about a few house calls.

Jacob or Evie kidnapped Butler.

  • Butler: What the-
    What's going on?
  • Jacob: Be quiet.
    Settle down.
  • Butler: What do you think you're doing? Unhand me!
  • Jacob: The coppers would like a word, Mister Butler.
  • Butler: You must have the wrong man, I'm innocent! I know people in high places! You won't keep me for long!

Evie's interaction would be slightly different.

  • Butler: What the-
    What's going on?
  • Evie: Settle down.
  • Butler: Let me go, you rat!
  • Evie: Frederick Abberline would like a word.
  • Butler: Who? I know of no one by that name!
  • Evie: Well, the Sergeant knows who you are. You may want to rethink your connections.

If Butler shook free, he would react as follows.

  • Butler: Ha-ha!
    Jamie! Help! Someone's after me!
    Get lost!
    Help! Someone's trying to attack me!

Jacob or Evie apprehended Butler once more.

  • Butler: Take my money! Take what you want! Just leave me alone!
  • Jacob: Money won't solve your issues, mate.

Evie's interaction would be slightly different.

  • Butler: Listen, I'll do anything. Let me go. Take my money!
  • Evie: Keep your money. You're going to need it.

Jacob or Evie forced Butler into a carriage.

  • Butler: Get me out of here!

Jacob or Evie delivered Butler to Abberline.

  • Abberline: Feeling a little entitled, was he?


Butler was arrested.