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"They burned Joan alive."
―Clay Kaczmarek, 2012

Jeanne d'Arc (English: Joan of Arc; 6 January c. 1412 – unknown) is a national heroine of France and a Catholic saint. Despite being trained by the Assassins, Jeanne never joined their ranks.

Jeanne had one of the highest known counts of Precursor DNA, which granted her tremendous abilities; She had prophetic visions and could influence others thanks to her unnatural charisma. For those gifted with Eagle Vision, Jeanne glowed when she used her abilities while those without could sense the pressure of her power upon them. Jeanne was somehow linked to the Isu Consus, who guided her in her mission.


Jeanne was born a peasant girl in France around 1412 who claimed that she had visions from God, her "Voices", telling her to free the land of English domination. She was guided to a Sword of Eden and wielded it to lead the French Army to numerous victories in the Hundred Years' War.[1]

As part of a Templar plan to obtain her Sword of Eden,[2] Jeanne was captured by English troops, accused of witchery, and allegedly burned at the stake on May 31 1431, at the age of 19. However, Jeanne was saved by the Assassin Brotherhood who had her young protegee, Fleur, willingly take her place;[1] Geoffroy Thérage was the executioner.[3]

Fifteen years later, Jeanne, no longer linked to Consus, reconnected with a heartbroken Gabriel Laxart, with whom she produced at least one child.[1]



  • Jeanne's bloodline seems to have a strong link to the Isu, since her cousin, Gabriel Laxart, also had natural abilities, strong yet less potent than Jeanne's.
  • Though it is not 100% confirmed, it is more than likely that Jeanne is also an ancestor of high ranking Templar Simon Hathaway, as he is a descendent of Gabriel Laxart, with whom Jeanne had a child.


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